typewriterWriting is a solitary art. Those who pursue it often prefer their own company in a quaint and intimate space by a garden or in the forest. Roald Dahl, Mark Twain and Virginia Woolf are famous writers who built their own huts outside their homes while finishing their masterpieces. With the help of these backyard sheds, they crafted a few of the greatest novels of all time.

Whether you’re an established writer or a budding literary talent, a writer’s studio might be one thing you’d love to have. Classic Cabins is an Australian supplier of backyard studio kits that you can transform into your very own writer’s studio. Here’s how:

Scene of the Crime

When choosing a position for your backyard shed, make sure it faces a wonderful landscape or, at least, a green-filled scenery. Place your writing desk in front of a window to give you a beautiful view of plants and flowers. Science has long since proven nature’s positive impact on our health. When your physical and mental state is great, you’re in a better shape to write.

Private Library

Since you’ll be spending more time in your studio than in your home writing, it might be suitable to buy a bookshelf for it, too. If you’re not comfortable relocating all your books into the shed, pick a few that you think would be most helpful in your writing process. Set up a comfortable reading nook beside your bookshelf to spruce up the shed.

The ‘Break’ Corner

Walking back to the house might not be ideal for a break from writing. You could end up taking too long in the kitchen, or you might not go back to your studio at all. For a quick time-out without beyond the Work Zone, dedicate a corner in your studio for your short breaks. You could put a sofa inside your shed with a French press atop a small table or a music player when you want to shatter the silence.

Classic Cabins is a team of trusted cabin builders. Have a look at our website or call us now on 1300 120 110 and, together, we’ll bring your dream studio to life.

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