A particular image comes to mind when we normally talk about granny flats. However, chic alternative names such as “tiny houses” and “pods” effectively mean the same thing as a modern granny flat but represent an attempt to distinguish themselves from the faded-looking demountable housing of eras past. However, there is absolutely nothing drab about our stylish Australian-made granny flats, that not only give you an extra independent living space but potentially add value to your home, too! While we here at Classic Cabins will make sure your granny flat has a sleek and attractive appearance, there are a few things you can do to ensure your granny flat has that “wow” factor. Read on for interior design tips for granny flats so good you can even use them inside your regular home.

1. Get Inspired by Zen

Zen interior design is the ultimate when it comes to well-balanced space. Characterised by calming neutral colours, clutter-free surfaces, clean lines and natural materials, the principles of Zen can help you formulate a beautiful room. Check out these 11 magnificent Zen interior design ideas for inspiration.

2. Invest in Timeless Furniture

When working with a small space, errors of judgement are much more obvious than in a larger building where regretful purchases can be hidden away. Before you rush out and by that fluorescent blue leopard print couch, think about whether or not you’re making an “emotional purchase” or just giving in to a passing trend. Timeless furniture pieces that age gracefully will not only go the distance but also won’t make you cringe later. The easiest way to ensure your furniture is timeless and elegant is to pick a minimal style and stick to it, such as “colonial”, “rustic”, “contemporary” or “modern” pieces.


3. Double the Storage

Sometimes more is more. It’s much easier to have more storage than you need, and you’ll thank yourself later when you don’t run out of spaces to put things. Storage needn’t be unsightly, either. Storage can be built into that space in a way that is intuitive and attractive, such as hidden shelving within stairs, “quiet closing” cupboard spaces, hanging hooks, inbuilt robes, and plenty of furniture with storage space built in.

4. Add Personal Touches

Let’s be honest, it’s rarely remote controls or coffee tables that get noticed when you invite guests over. If you want to stamp your granny flat with your own personal style then the easiest way to do so is through strategically placed art, small sculptures, plants and functional decor like vases and light fittings. You can really go the extra mile here and commission pieces that you love by local artisans for a unique look that reflects your tastes and values.

5. Stick to One Colour Palette

Too many clashing colours and textures will make your space feel cluttered and busy, no matter how few objects you have inside your space in reality. To make the most of your space, choose a colour palette and stick to it, even when it comes to the fittings and minor features of your homes, such as pots and pans! By keeping everything uniform, you’ll make better choices when it comes to furnishing out your pad, and when you do decide to break ranks and buy something that doesn’t “match”, you’ll be rewarded with a purchase that truly stands out, such as a work of art.

6. Create the Illusion of Space

Light colours and cleverly positioned mirrors create the illusion of space. Light colours and mirrors help light bounce around the room, giving you that “airy” feeling that you normally associate with large open-plan spaces. Better yet, if you stick to pale colours and light-enhancing mirrors, you will have the opportunity to add strategic pops of colour where it matters, such as your soft furnishings.

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