Mobile Cabin Tips for a Comfortable Home on the Go


One of the great things about our transportable cabins is that you can enjoy all the comforts of home in an easy to move, completely mobile home. Mobile cabins have the distinct advantage of being easy to relocate but are distinct from campers which are essentially vehicles, and not structures.

Transporting these cabins across some distance can provide unique challenges, but all of these can be overcome through these simple tricks:


Use a Mounting Tack


One of the things to consider about a mobile cabin is that all your belongings could rumble around and become damaged during a move. Though it is recommended to remove your furniture during transport, some may prefer to leave everything as it is.


To make sure that everything stays in place, try fixing lighter objects such as vases and porcelain objects in place with mounting tack. A mounting tack is a putty-like, pressure sensitive adhesive. If you push it into place, it holds an object to the surface temporarily.


You can easily peel it off when it has done it is no longer needed without leaving a greasy residue.


Use Shelving with Baskets


To maximise your storage space, use shelving with baskets. It is especially useful if the baskets have a protective barrier to prevent placed objects from sliding out. With basket shelving, you can stack items with ease and store them in a way that looks neat and attractive.


Use Pegboards for Everything


Pegboards were originally meant to hold tools, but you can use them to organise and store practically anything that you like. You can store kitchen supplies, craft supplies, jewelry and many other things. If you lack space, you can always make the most of the vertical space on the walls.


Invest in Furniture that Doubles as Storage


Most types of furniture tend to leave what is referred to as ‘dead spaces’ among interior designers. Dead spaces are unused spaces with no light and no activity. The spaces underneath your bed, your stools and your couch are common dead spaces.


To rid yourself of dead spaces, invest in furniture that also doubles as storage. Beds that have built-in drawers give you more room to store personal belongings securely.


There are a variety of ways for you to make your mobile cabin comfortable and fun.


Contact us to learn more about our transportable cabins and other products.


Meta Title: Mobile Cabin Tips for a Comfy Home on the Go

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