He Sheds, She Sheds: Stylish and Functional Ways to Design Your Backyard Cabin

A backyard cabin isn’t just an accessory to your property for additional storage. When you build a cabin in your Melbourne or Sydney backyard, it can be a space where you welcome guests coming over to stay for a few days or a personal haven where you can enjoy your hobbies in private. It can even be the perfect office setting or study for those days when you have to work from home.

If you are looking to building your own hideout space or guest pad in the comfort of your own backyard, here are some design tips that will fill your cabin with style, personality and function.

Choose a soft colour palette

Your backyard cabin isn’t going to be a huge space so opt for soft colours that help your studio appear larger. For instance, white rooms always look the largest according to Forbes. White is an ideal backdrop because it’s versatile and it complements with darker, dramatic furniture colours. If you don’t love the idea of an entirely white room, you can paint an accent wall in pastel shades like salmon or baby blue.

Lighter yellows, blues and greens also create a soothing atmosphere that simultaneously brightens and enlarges any space.

Light it up

Lighting is a key element in opening up a small space. Allowing natural light to pour into your cabin will open up the interiors and make the space look larger. If you have access to natural sunlight, bring it into the cabin through large windows that instantly connect the room with the outdoors. If the view isn’t exactly pretty, you can place flowers or plants near the windows for aesthetics.

For artificial lighting options, light up the insides of shelves or artistically illuminate bookshelves to give the illusion of extra depth. This will also make the space look more stylish and elegant.

Maximise your furniture arrangement

Often, furniture takes up a lot of space. To avoid that, use multi-functional furniture pieces, such as a sofa bed, a chest that can double as a coffee table and a folding table that can be tucked away when it’s not needed.

Additionally, place larger furniture pieces against the walls to maximise the open space. Moving furniture away from the walkways will open up the space and make it look larger. Ensure there’s plenty of space between your furniture as well. For instance, choose chairs with exposed legs and open arms to allow light to filter under the furniture, helping maintain the appearance of an open space.

Provide plenty of storage

Homes, especially smaller ones, often run out of space due to accumulated belongings. Your backyard cabin can double up as a storage facility for those everyday items that you don’t necessarily need in your main house.

If your backyard cabin has high ceilings, shelves and built-in cabinets are an excellent way to make use of the extra height. You can also install small cube shelf units for open storage as well as shelf dividers that offer visual distinction between functional zones and extra space for storage.

Build Your Dream Backyard Cabin with Classic Cabins

Now that you’ve got some inspiration for styling your future cabin, it’s time to build one!

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