Mobile cabinThere are often two phenomena parents with teenagers witness at home. Their teens either stay cooped up in their rooms or their teens’ friends usually take over the living room and the kitchen.

Thankfully, providing kids with a teenage retreat is now a trend. If you want to give your kids their own sanctuary and regain control over your home you can get them their own backyard retreat. To make their new haven comfortable and extra special, here are ten things that you should put in it:

1. Lots of storage

Since your teenager will probably want to do everything in their new space, the storage space will help them organise their study and hobby materials.

2. Multi-functional, easy-to-move furniture

This type of furniture lets your kids maximise their space and quickly move furniture when they need bigger floor area. Choose furniture that is durable and is easy to clean.

3. Separate nooks

If you have more than one kid, having separate nooks helps your kids share their sanctuary. They can hide in their nooks and read their book or whatever they want without invading each other’s privacy.

4. Study space

A sturdy desk and a chair with good back support are just some of the musts when creating a study space. Add a good rug and beanbag chairs for teens who prefer to study on the floor.

5. Bathroom

Consider adding a bathroom for the convenience of your kids and their guests. This also saves the main bathroom in your house for family use.

6. Tiny kitchen

A tiny kitchen helps your teen whip up something when they want a bite. This is a great way to teach your kids responsibility as well since they need to keep the kitchen clean if they want their sanctuary smelling pleasant.

7. Personal art or decors

More than anything, the retreat should be reflective of your teenager’s preferences. Let them pick out their own decors or make their own art to display.

8. Entertainment

A teen sanctuary isn’t complete without entertainment items. It can be puzzles, a TV, PlayStation or whatever your kids are into.

9. A space for Buddy

Create a doggy or cat nook in the retreat so that your kid can bring their pet with them to the cabin. This also allows you to clean the house without a silly little thing barking at the hoover.

10. A beautiful and sturdy structure

Like our cabins, beautiful and sturdy structures are a good addition to your property. At the same time, this ensures that your kids are comfortable and safe.

As teenagers grow into young adults, they want to be more independent and discover their individual identity. For a lot of parents, this can be sad or worrisome as their kids become more distant.

While it may be hard to step back, giving them their own space can actually help them mature. This can also fortify your parent-child relationship when they understand that you are giving them a healthy amount of trust, respect and privacy.

So worry no more and take this chance to turn a parenting challenge into a fun project with your youngster.

Contact us today, and we will help you create the perfect retreat cabin for your teen.

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