Living with teenagers can be a challenge, especially if your home is short on living space, has limited storage or has an ad hoc layout. Investing in a teenage retreat not only increases the house value — it also improves living space and promotes harmony within your home and family. By involving your teen in the design of their space, you give them not only a sense of independence, but provide them with new responsibilities and prepare them for when they move out to college or work.  How can you create the perfect retreat for your teenager? Here are some ideas:

Involve your teen in the planning process

Your aim must be to create a space where they will love spending time. Teenagers are in the stage of exploring their independence, so ask for their input; considering their opinions will make them feel valued and appreciated, and working on the project will give them a sense of ownership.

Let them have a say on the design and layout of their retreat so that they can stamp their personality on it ‒ all within reason and your budget, of course.

Give them enough space

As teenagers transition into adulthood, giving them their own space fosters a sense of identity and independence. They want private space where they can spend time with their friends, as playing in the backyard or joining in with their parents’ activities isn’t as cool as when they were younger. More practically, teenagers need a desk for homework and hobbies, wall space for posters and shelving, internet access to hang out on social media, somewhere to sleep, and plenty of storage space.

If you have more than one teen, build separate nooks in their teenage retreat. This gives them the freedom to do whatever they want without invading each other’s space. Allocating a quiet study area is helpful, especially as your teens require more study and reading time for homework. Building a separate study area in their teenage retreat keeps the bed area as a place to relax and unwind.

Provide ample storage

Your teenagers will want to do a lot of things in their new space, but organising their stuff may still be a developing skill! Give them enough storage space for their hobbies and interests. Install sturdy shelving for their books, art and craft materials or musical instruments ‒ make it easier for your teens to stay organised.

In addition, provide them with well-designed wardrobes and additional storage. Tidying up will be much easier for them, and customised storage is a worthwhile investment.

Establish guidelines

As a parent, it’s important to set out what your teenagers can and cannot do in their retreat. Think about setting rules for food and drinks, use of technology, cleanliness and time restraints. Remind them that you’re not raining on their parade; instead, affirm that this is their space and that you’re teaching them about responsibility, initiative and ownership.

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A teenage retreat gives your kids privacy and freedom to pursue their hobbies and hang out with friends. You have an opportunity to give them their own space with Classic Cabins.

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