One of the best ways to enjoy the view of your garden is through the seclusion of a backyard studio. Not only will this space get you closer to nature; backyard rooms come in many different forms, and are designed to adapt to a number of uses. Whether you want to write, create art or music, do crafts, or relax, the possibilities are endless.

Here are a few factors you need to consider before building a backyard studio:

Permits and building approval

Many people choose to install a backyard studio or outdoor room at the bottom of their garden. However, if it’s over a certain size or too near a boundary, you may have to apply for planning permission. Most cases won’t need approval, but do take note of your state’s requirements to be sure.

Classic Cabins takes care of the permit process and building contract signing for the construction of your studio. We keep our communication lines open so that our clients are fully aware of each stage of the project. This is part of our commitment to provide excellent customer service.


Be mindful of lighting and heating when selecting the position of your studio. Placing it in a shaded spot will require good lighting and make it colder in winter, so you’ll need to make up for it with heating. In the same way, don’t put the room where it is overly exposed to the heat of the sun. The best way to position your backyard studio would be facing north, protected from the sun. A north-facing backyard studio allows you to take advantage of natural light, reducing the need for electric lighting.

If you’re setting up your backyard room as a musician’s studio, setting up space away from the main house and your neighbours is a wise choice. You would not want to disturb others with noise.

Personal preference

Even if the backyard flat will just be used for storage, it is still a superior option to a shed thanks to its weather-proofing and insulation qualities. The room can add an element of charm to your garden, and even increase the worth of your property. A backyard studio can be customised according to your design preferences, or to match your house.

At Classic Cabins, we offer customisation for granny flats, teenage retreats, transportable cabins and backyard studios. Our clients can choose from an array of options for the room’s exteriors and interiors. We see to it that our clients can have a backyard studio that they can call their own.

Plan the perfect backyard studio for you at Classic Cabins

Classic Cabins designs and manufactures backyard studios for your home.

We have years of experience in building studio units and single rooms that accommodate our clients’ needs.

Our backyard cabin kits have modern designs and several practical features. Our ceilings provide spacious and uncluttered interiors. Its walls are fitted with an insulating moisture barrier to keep mould at bay. In addition, the cabins are supplied in kit form, or installed to lock-up, completion or premium finish.

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