Why You Should Add a Granny Flat to Your Property for an Airb&b

Hosting an Airb&b has emerged as an accepted and dependable second income stream in recent years, however, it’s not always necessary to own a separate property away from your own home to tap into the Airb&b market. One or two bedroom granny flats are compact enough to fit into your backyard or unused plot of land, and not only provide the option of more space to your own family, but can be used to create a smart and attractive Airb&b property.

About Granny Flats

Traditionally, granny flats were used to house the older members of a household, but as rent prices have increased and city living has become denser, the granny flat has been embraced as a viable alternative to regular accommodation.

Innovations in design has seen the rise of sophisticated “small living” options. We can now expect to find the same design quality in a granny flat as we would in a full size house or apartment, along with all the trimmings in terms of fittings.

Technology has also become more intelligent and less space-consuming. A flat screen tv can be easily added to a wall, cooling and heating no longer take up huge amounts of space, and we have a huge variety of white goods available to us that fit into increasingly compact dimensions.

In the past, furniture and decor designers couldn’t get their head around smaller spaces either, but not so anymore. In virtually every city across Australia you will find furniture designed for granny flat living.

We have also witnessed the success of micro gardens and green walls. Less is now more, especially when it’s possible to invite the outside in, and turn even the most urban dwelling into a private oasis.

How to Turn a Granny Flat into a Popular Airb&b

Our attractive, functional and affordable granny flats are perfect for Airb&b. Not only can their design be personalised to your exact requirements, but we can help you navigate the building permit process to ensure that once your granny flat is finished, it is completely ready to be used as accommodation – all you have to do is turn the key.

We have decades of experience building granny flats, cabins and streamlined homes, and as a result, we have identified what really “works” when it comes to secondary dwellings.

In our experience, a granny flat built for comfort, convenience and complete independence is a natural fit for the Airb&b market. Furthermore, a granny flat built with style and practical features is guaranteed to appeal to a greater range of holiday-makers and would-be tenants.

Finally, our granny flats are built to suit every age group, so you get the most out of your investment.

Talk to Our Team of Licensed Granny Flat Builders

Classic Cabins have been building granny flats, cabins and small dwellings in Victoria for over 39 years. We take pride in the quality, durability and premium finish of all our builds.

If you’re looking for a granny flat builder to design and build you an Airb&b property, then look no further. All of our granny flats meet contemporary living standards and add that touch of luxury that is so effective in the short-term property market.

Contact Classic Cabins to discuss our premium range of granny flats today.

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