Modern granny flats are carefully designed to feel spacious and comfortable, however, in order to get the most of your granny flat, it is vital to invest in clever furniture pieces that declutter rather than take up a lot of space.

Thankfully, the rise of apartment living has seen the furniture stores adopt smaller proportions with lots of in-built features such as storage. Even retail giants like Target have a small space furniture line.

While there are no hard and fast rules about how to furnish your own space, in this blog we would like to share a few tried and tested techniques to make the most of your new granny flat.

Forget Regular Furniture

It may sound obvious, but when dealing with a granny flat, it helps to think outside of the box and forget about regular furniture for a minute.

Furniture and furnishings meant for a mansion are just going to look awkward in granny flat, and actually exaggerate their proportions rather than look right at home.

Opting for small space furniture and custom designs will ensure everything looks “right”, but if you have your eye on a few pieces of regular furniture, then consider how they can be used in creative ways.

For example, you might really want to add an ottoman, but these plush foot rests take up a lot of room, especially when they’re not in use. To solve this riddle, opt for an ottoman that doubles as a coffee table, or add a breakfast tray so you have a spot to put your book.

Whether you opt for regular furniture used irregularly, or stick with small space specific pieces, all you really need to furnish a granny flat is a bit of creative thinking.

Consider Your Wall Space

Floor space isn’t the only thing that matters when it comes to furnishing your granny flat, think about the walls, too!

Rather than clutter up the space under foot, try to introduce as many vertical furniture solutions and wall hanging items as possible. This might include things like a wall mounted tv, wall shelves, and even vertical gardens!

The roof is the limit when it comes to decking out your granny flat.

Be Creative with Your Sofa

If you’ve gone for an open plan design, but need to break things up a bit, then consider using your sofa, display cabinet or storage options as a room divider.

We mention your sofa first because the straight back of the sofa provides an excellent clean line across a room and is an affordable solution.

So, choose the sofa you love, and make it a standout feature!

Utilise What’s Out-of-Sight

Furnishing your granny flat isn’t just about what you can see, it’s also about utilising the space that you can’t see, that’s tucked out of sight.

For example, consider the space behind a door, or the “black spots” behind furniture that you never think about.

Maximise your space by adding storage features like baskets to these areas, and make it that much easier to keep your space clear and clutter free.

Think Multi-Purpose Everything

Last but not least, invest in multi-purpose furniture. Most people know this one, but it’s still one of the best tricks to getting the most out of a space.

Consider beds with storage space underneath, fold away tables, sofa beds, pop-up tray tables, and secret compartments.

Want to Build a Granny Flat?

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If you’ve been looking for a granny flat designer or builder, then look no further. All of our granny flats meet contemporary living standards to add that touch of luxury.

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