How does a modern granny flat compare against a tiny house? Both dwellings look compact from the outside and both are relatively affordable, but there are some key differences that you should know. At Classic Cabins, we specialize in cabin builds and, in our opinion, they tick all same boxes as a tiny home while offering a lot more space, security, and value. Read on for our full comparison.

Tiny Houses

Tiny houses can be more expensive than they look. To get a tiny house right you need to invest in all the trimmings, and since most regular furniture won’t fit, every last detail needs to be bespoke. 

Clearly, the major sticking point is the lack of space. Many of us want to downsize, but do we really want to downsize so much that we can’t have friends over? 

Another issue is the fragility of living in a moveable dwelling. A house on wheels just doesn’t feel as “settled” as a house connected to the ground, not to mention the precariousness of not being considered a permanent home in the eyes of the law. 

Each state differs as to its rules about tiny houses and not all councils welcome them with open arms, so after considering the costs, lack of space, and problems around council permissions, many would be tiny house owners opt for the safer alternative: the granny flat.


Cabins are self-contained houses, typically with the proportions of an apartment inside. The terms cabin and granny flats are sometimes interchangeable, and it’s not uncommon for a granny flat to have a rustic “cabin-like” appearance, although they can also look contemporary and modern.

A granny flat/cabin is defined as being a secondary dwelling on a property and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as a teenage retreat, accommodation for relatives, or even an Airbnb. 

Cabins also provide the same kind of living standard that you would expect in a regular home, including insulation, heating and cooling, adequate storage space, and solid foundations. 

You can also expect cabins to be connected to the power grid and water mains, although it’s possible to add solar panels and water tanks if you would like greener, cheaper energy. 

Cabins can also be incredibly stylish and there’s a lot more space to work with, too – up to three bedrooms. Our Designer Range, Attic Range, and Elite Range are all good examples of what can be achieved. 

Furthermore, most regular furniture will fit comfortably inside, which gives you far more decorating options. 

Lile any building, you will need council permits and/or certifications to build a granny flat in your backyard, but the process is well-established in most council areas.

If you do get the green light to build a cabin or granny flat, you not only benefit from a luxurious small home, but you also add value to your existing property, since granny flats can be used to generate revenue as a sublet. 

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